2021 and on… Always United & Always Serving


Welcome to St Dunstan’s College

A leading independent, Anglican school under the auspices of the Highveld Diocese

It is my pleasure to welcome you to St Dunstan’s College.

As you start your journey at our College, I trust that you will be welcomed, and develop your confidence and belief in yourself as you explore the wide range of activities that the College offers.

Our wish is that you will find your true strengths and use those to your competitive advantage while, at the same time, have a deep understanding and commitment to your peers and our community. Our motto “I Serve” is not simply a line below our badge but a statement of intent. We believe that in serving others we build our own character and appreciate that we are fortunate and are well positioned to empower others through our selfless service.

Our Chapel is the core of our College, and we trust that you will appreciate God’s blessings. You have unique gifts and it is our fervent hope that when you leave our St Dunstan’s you will have added value to our College and we will have added value to your life. Part of our life at the College is an appreciation that there is a higher purpose than ourselves and that you will develop your spiritual intelligence.

I trust that you will cherish your time at St Dunstan’s College and you will feel pride in your College and yourself.

Rector – Michael McConnachie