To Inspire So That All Flourish



Enhancing our standing as a leading independent, co-educational Christian school.


“Forging character through a holistic, co-educational and personalised learning experience grounded in our Anglican tradition; inspiring all to flourish and fulfil their potential as they serve society with integrity.”


School Crest

St Dunstan's School Crest

The Chalice

The Chalice represents the sacrament of the Precious Blood of Christ. St Dunstan’s is an Anglican College. The sacraments are very important, particularly in the Eucharist, in which we receive the Body and the Blood of Christ. This may also represent the priesthood of St Dunstan and the chalices he used to make.

The Bible

The Bible represents the Word of God. The Bible is the source of learning and knowledge.

The Crest of the Diocese of the Highveld

The small crest is the crest of the Diocese of the Highveld, under whose auspices the College operates.

The Tongs

The Tongs – A Symbol of St Dunstan reflecting his role as a metalsmith.


School Song

All praise to God from old and young,
O, magnify His name,
Before His throne be praises sung,
With hymns His power proclaim.
He whom the sun and stars obey,
Who made the earth so fair,
Gives grace and strength for every day


To us, His name who bear.
With anvil, hammer, vice and wrench,
St Dunstan toiled by day,
At Blacksmith’s forge and workshop bench,
To labour was to pray.
By night within his quiet cell,
With artist’s brush and pen,
He wrote the sacred page to tell
Of God’s great love to friends.


St Dunstan’s memory let us keep,
St Dunstan’s school hold dear,
With love unfeigned and purpose deep,
With mind and conscience clear.
Let us, like him, with brain and hand
Serve God through all our days,
Nor cease at duty’s post to stand,
His banner high to raise.