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Dunstonian Chronicle: Issue 15

A Message from the Rector, Editorial Mr Warwick Taylor

Reflecting on the year so far there is much to be thankful for and celebrate. Recently many Alumni attended our Easter Festival and commented favourably about the quality of the festival. It was lovely to meet a number of past students and to see the pride that they still have in their school.

The festival went according to plan and the added benefit of the new pavilion, netball courts and lights on the hockey turf is unquestionable. The new pavilion was opened a few weeks ago and the blessing was conducted by Bishop Charles May. The pavilion has been named The Jardine Pavilion. Patrick Jardine managed the project from start to finish, but the recognition was not only about this commitment. Patrick has been involved in many projects from the beginning of the school when we relocated to this “new” property some 24 years ago – starting with the leveling of the sports fields. In more recent years he has managed the College Hockey build, the Pre-School upgrade, the addition of the EJB Centre and the Preparatory swimming pool, pavilion and mini hockey turf. His impeccable record of service aligns with our school motto of “I Serve”.

The alumni who wrote their final matric exams in the old sports pavilion will be interested to know that this building no longer exists. I am sure that the memories of this venue will remain, but for now the chapel serves as the final matric exam venue.

Our sport has shown significant improvement and we were delighted that the boys 1st hockey team were undefeated at our festival. For those who have recently visited the campus you will notice that we have installed lights around the Don Jones cricket oval. This will allow for T20 night cricket on Friday evenings and the extended field size will allow for an athletics fixture on the full 400m eight-lane track. The fine lawn is ideal for athletics and cricket and in the past provided for the best grass hockey fields in the area.

I was pleased to spend some time on a call with Fr Joe Thompson catching up this week. It is always good to hear from those who have invested time in the school and who still have their heart and good wishes fervently aligned with our wellbeing. Fr Joe was his usual bubbly self and humble in his reports about the good work he is doing in the Guernsey community. Although one never replaces an individual, as we all contribute uniquely, I am very pleased that our new chaplain, Fr Jerome Prins, has settled in so well and is already making a significant contribution to who we are. His appointment is a reminder to me about God’s favour upon our wonderful school.

In the last week of the term the College hosted a Music Evening where our students performed in the EJB Auditorium. It was a showcase of excellence in our cultural arena. The development of the talent in our students and the benefit of a holistic curriculum ensures a richness in the St Dunstan’s offering that is difficult to beat.
In closing, I thank all the stakeholders for their support and for upholding the good name of our school across the globe.

I am sure that, even if you are not physically able to be present to visit our beautiful campus, that your sense of belonging will remain woven into your DNA.
Kind regards
Warwick Taylor

Kind regards
Warwick Taylor

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” – Voltaire.