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Dunstonian Chronicle: Issue 09

March 2022 / Editorial - #Covidedition6

Message From Kabelo Mashigo

It gives me great pleasure to reach out to the St Dunstan’s family and share my pride in what the school has achieved over the years in rather challenging times.

For those of you that do not know me, my name is Kabelo Mashigo (KB) and I am an alumnus of this spectacular school (2008). I had the great pleasure of sharing the corridors with many of you and I can say without fear or favour that you all made St Dunstan’s what it is today. The contribution that current and past Dunstonians have made, and continue to make, is a major element in what defines the soul of our school.

The topic I was presented with was ‘growth’ and how we can harness that into positive change and momentum. Simply put, my answer is involvement. We have the opportunity to reconnect, share ideas and assist the school in a multitude of ways. Your voice has a place and it is time that we all take this opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with our alma mater. We have a unique golden thread that connects us all and this is the opportune time to breathe life into the  unstonian Association.

I have been tasked with bridging the gap between Alumni, Council and the school community at large and I would like to extend a hand of invitation to all those who want to grow our Alumni network and make a positive impact on growing this institution within the school. Let us use this forum to socialise, network and help guide St Dunstan’s into a prosperous future.

Your sincerely