Saturday School

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Saturday School

The St Dunstan’s College Outreach Programme was started in 1988 as the school became aware that there was a demand and need amongst township pupils to improve their English and Mathematics.

The programme was started, and continues to run, on Saturday mornings.  The school offers an hour of tuition each in English and Mathematics.

Before 1994 the programme grew, without advertising, to 650 pupils in each session.  Two sessions were held as all the pupils could not be accommodated at once.  This reflected the great need within a community on St Dunstan’s doorstep.  Pupils at that time were keen to improve their English and Mathematics in order to be accepted into previously white schools.  Many children left the programme as they had achieved their goal and were accepted into the local schools when integration in all schools occurred.

Since then the focus of the Outreach Programme has changed slightly, as many pupils now attend Saturday classes seeking extra lessons in English and Mathematics for grades 1 – 9.  Grade 10 – 12 pupils select three subjects from the following: Mathematics (we also cater for Maths Literacy), Accounting, Science, Biology and Basic Computer skills.

While the Outreach Programme no longer has the high numbers that it once had, the school is confident that the pupils attending class regularly are enriched and able to improve their progress, whether at a suburban or township school.  The success and continuation of the programme is a direct result of the dedication of all role players.