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Micaelmas Term: Issue 4

From the Headmaster’s Desk

Dear Parents, Girls and Boys,

The excitement of our Book character day has been palpable throughout the week. We have this day in order to draw attention to the importance of reading.

Well, certainly, one of my favourite characters is the BFG who sits outside our E.J. Butler Centre. Isn’t he wonderful? Roald Dahl’s expansion from the short story, “Danny, The Champion of the World” (1975) resulted in his story “The Big Friendly Giant” (1982), which in 2012 was rated among the top 88 list of all-time children’s novels.

Well, who is this BFG (for those of you from other planets)? He is a 24 foot, friendly, sweet and benevolent giant with a rather interesting occupation- he collects and distributes good dreams to children (of all ages).

So, why is his occupation so important anyway? I have written about this previously, however, believe the message is worth sharing again. Lamisha Serf-Walls, a life coach, author and “connector” writes about the importance of imagination. She writes about reasons why imagination is more important than reality. Her reasons are the following:

Imagination ignites passion: Adults live in the world of reality. We are forced to be responsible, pay bills, meet obligations, have jobs, etc. We as adults have lost the ability to imagine and dream. Many do not know their passion or purpose in life. They are caught up in the “hum-drum” of “ordinary living”.

Our imagination and thoughts create our future: Albert Einstein once said that “imagination is everything. It is a preview of life’s coming attractions”. We have often been told that “thoughts become our reality”. If this is the case, then surely we should venture into our imagination in order to direct and focus our reality.

Imagination stimulates creativity and innovation: I would suggest that creativity and innovation are tomorrow’s critical skills that our children are going to need in our fast, changing, uncertain world. Some of the most influential and innovative creations have started with the act of imagining (Lamisha Serf-Walls: 2017).

Imagination is magical: For me, certainly one of the best reasons to imagine and read. Watch children play- they are wonderfully creative and imaginative. A sandcastle on the beach becomes an impenetrable fortress. A stick becomes a “Vorpal” sword (with apologies to Louis Carroll) used to slay dragons and the Jabberwocky. A bath full of water becomes an ocean with swirling currents and mystical creatures (usually the bath sponge).

Sometimes reality “just sucks”: We are exposed to crime, violence, sadness and anger on a daily basis. By allowing this to become our reality, we “become a victim and relinquish our true creative power”. As Einstein once said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”. Serf-Walls writes that reality is “merely an outward expression of what we have chosen to accept and focus on in the world. If we turn our thoughts to that which we want to create in our lives, the possibilities are endless”.

In conclusion, my hope for all is that we acknowledge our own BFG’s, allow ourselves to dream and above all, celebrate imagination and encourage our children to continue doing what they already do naturally- dream, imagine and be!

So to all our children out there- no matter the age- read, read, read… and let your imagination soar!

God bless,
Craig McIlrath