Preparatory History

To Inspire So That All Flourish


Preparatory History

‘Where the future begins’

Founded in 1918, the Preparatory School aims to provide a safe schooling environment which prepares pupils with an educationally challenging and stimulating atmosphere.  Our aim: to promote creative thinkers under the banner of a strong Anglican tradition with emphasis on Christian values, leadership and self-confidence.

The Preparatory School has a fine educational reputation. Excellent results have been achieved in the Mathematics Conquesta and the SACEE Language challenge.  The shared assessment has also produced outstanding results.  These externally moderated exams serve as a benchmark for educational excellence.

The Preparatory School has a computer centre along with 18 classrooms which have been fitted with educational smart boards.  This, along with our media centre and technology programme, allows the children to explore and expand their technical skills.

Our educational, sporting and cultural programmes, backed by the quality of teaching, care and a nurturing environment, give our pupils the unfair advantage.  Music and drama are integral aspects of the curriculum, with individual music tuition being encouraged.  Media and technology allow the children to explore and expand their technical skills.

St Dunstan’s actively takes part in all the major sporting activities, which include cricket, football, athletics, softball, swimming, tennis, badminton, netball, biathle, archery and hockey.  The Junior Preparatory School encourages mini-tennis, mini-cricket and T-ball.  Culturally, the children participate in art, pottery, drama, chess and wildlife.  This allows the children to make informed choices as to what extra-curricular activity they would prefer to pursue when they move onto the College.

Children leaving the Preparatory School enter the College with a love for learning, and the desire to excel in all facets of school life offered by the College.