Pre-School FAQs

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Pre-School FAQs

Classroom daily activities start from 07:30 and school ends at 12:45.

The gate will be closed at 08:15 but we encourage all children to be in class by 08:00

Yes, there is. The Aftercare staff collect all aftercare children at the end of the school day and escort them to the Aftercare facility. They are provided with a hot lunch and then supervised play. Aftercare is not included in the school fees and is an additional expense.

Yes, we have a full extra mural programme available for our Pre-Schoolers that covers both sporting and cultural interests. The following extra-murals are available:

  • Little Kickers (Soccer)
  • Golf
  • Cricket
  • Ballet
  • Tap Dancing
  • Pottery
  • Taste Buddies (Cooking programme)
  • Manners4Minors (ethics and protective behaviors)
  • Modelling (Boys & Girls)
  • Big Builders (Young Engineering)
  • Explorative Music

No, the extra mural programme is an optional extra and will be billed directly to the parents by the service provider.

The school fee are inclusive of the following:

  • Weekly Drama (Grade 0 only), Music and Technology classes
  • Weekly Edu-Tumble (specialized Physical education lesson hosted by the Eagle Tumbling squad)
  • Annual Hearing Screening
  • Annual Eye Screening
  • Outings (1 per term)
  • In-visits (Puppet, Reptile, Science shows etc.)
  • Grade 0 Sport. Grade 0 sport runs from Monday-Thursday and it is a team based, informal sporting programme managed by the Edu-Tumble Team.

No, not at this stage but it is something that we are investigating for the near future.

We have the following Grades:

  • Grade 0000 (Age Group 2 TURNING 3)
  • Grade 000 (Age Group 3 TURNING 4)
  • Grade 00 (Age Group 4 TURNING 5)
  • Grade 0 (Age Group 5 TURNING 6)

It depends on the age group and the breakdown is as follows:

Grade 0000 (1 class teacher and 1 teaching assistant)

MAXIMUM 15 children per class

Grade 000 (1 class teacher and 1 teaching assistant)

MAXIMUM 18 children per class

Grade 00 (1 class teacher and 1 teaching intern)

MAXIMUM 20 children per class

Grade 0 (1 class teacher and 1 teaching intern)

MAXIMUM 22 children per class

We are firm believers in meeting the child where they are at and not to general expectations. We are a play-based Pre-School and we work incredibly hard to create an engaging, happy learning environment for the children. Skills are learned and understood concretely before they are applied and consolidated, abstractly.

No, it will be an internal move from Grade 0 to Grade 1 and from Grade 7 to Grade 8. You will not need to re-apply.