Kwasa College

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Kwasa College

Kwasa College is the Preparatory School’s partner school. The partnership was formed in 2015. This school, a beacon of hope, is situated in the old mining area of Springs known as Daggafontein.

The vision and dream of Mother Sharron Dinnie, is situated on the border of an impoverished informal settlement which is home to about 1200 people who live in shacks without electricity, water-borne sewerage or tarred roads. This area is faced with high unemployment and many social issues and challenges.

Kwasa means “the light or sun after the rain”. Mother Sharron has brought light and hope to this area and has given the children the opportunity of an education and hope for their future. The school started as a Pre-School but there was soon the dilemma of where to send the Grade 0 children to school. Mother Sharron, after much prayer, decided to introduce a Grade 1 class resulting in Kwasa College being established. Next year will see the beginning of the Grade 2 class and the school will grow each year by introducing the next grade.

The school also provides breakfast and lunch for all the children. 88 children from the informal settlement are transported daily to local primary and high schools. All their school requirements, needs and fees are met by Kwasa College. Two boarding houses accommodate and care for a number of vulnerable children from the informal settlement.

The Grade 7 pupils have collected stationery and have donated many educational toys for use in the Grade 1 and 2 classes. Thank you to the Grade 7 family for the cash donation. This money will be used to furnish the new classroom.

We look forward to assisting and in travelling the road with Kwasa College in establishing a safe and educationally sound environment.