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Michaelmas Term: Issue 25

A Message From The 2022 Head Girl

Dear all

I recently came across an issue of the Dunstonian published in June 1951. Printed in it was The School Pledge. It reads as follows:

  • I pledge myself to remember that at all times and in all places, I am the school’s representative.
  • I will therefore strive to refrain from any word or deed that may bring discredit upon it.
  • I will endeavour to be always loyal to the Staff and to all my School fellows.
  • I would ever seek to be worthy of the School, to add to its lustre and to cherish its highest traditions.
  • I will try to play my part in transmitting it to others, not less, but greater and better than it was transmitted to me.

While this isn’t something we are frequently exposed to anymore, these are the foundational values on which St Dunstan’s is built. This forms a small part of our legacy. It’s our privilege to take it on board and make it our own as our student body evolves.

As Shay and I embark on this journey, we are conscious of those around us forging their own unique paths. This time in our lives has something to offer to each one of us – it’s our job to recognise it.

Throughout the course of High School and beyond, we build our own unique stories made up of the memories, experiences and ‘character building’ challenges and triumphs. Despite it all, we emerge on the other side.

It doesn’t feel like long ago that I had just started High School. Now I’m standing in front of you telling you exactly what I refused to believe. Time does fly! If you don’t retain anything else that I’ve said, remember this; Make the most of right now, it’s not coming back. Take every opportunity that is afforded to you. Show those who say you can’t what you’re made of, what drives you. This isn’t a flat path – life has a funny way of throwing you a curveball just when things are looking up. Keep your head high and remember who you are and what has gotten you this far. Take it one day at a time, one deadline at a time. It’s only temporary.

Individually, we all have a great deal to offer. Together, we have unimaginable potential. I am excited to see what we make of 2022! It’s a privilege to watch you all flourish!

Grade 8s – This year you truly have shown resilience as you found your place in High School amongst trying

Grade 9s – It will soon be time to unload all your unwanted baggage. You have embodied true perseverance through a tough year as you faced numerous challenges. We commend you and encourage you to stay strong.

Grade 10s – By this time you have realised that less subjects doesn’t equate to a lesser workload. Keep
pushing forward.

Fellow Grade 11s – know for a fact that we are all emotional wrecks at this point – between tertiary education decisions, matriculation and seeing our chaotic exam timetable. Let’s keep our heads down, work hard and push towards the finish!


A Message From The 2022 Head Boy

I would firstly just like to say how thankful and appreciative we are to be able to stand here today and be given the privilege to address you.

Erynne, my partner in crime, and I know that this position not only entails the assembly speeches, the early morning duties, a ‘congrats’ from a total stranger and hopefully not any late night anxiety, but the responsibility, no the privilege, to be able to inspire and influence everyone at this school.

I would like you to please look to the person on your left, right, in front of you and behind you. By the end of next year, we seek to ensure that you will know this person better; not only by their weaknesses but strengths too, not only critiquing their differences but embracing their diversity and individuality. As Head Boy and Head Girl, this is our very first homework task for you, and to answer one of my friend’s frequently asked questions in our maths class, this is not optional!

Together as a community we can establish strong and unique bonds between us all. This is in conjunction with our vision for 2022 – seeking to create unity and togetherness, while equipping you with the necessary attributes for life after High School. Believe it or not, school is beneficial and this is not only seen in the development of your IQ and EQ but something even more important- your AQ. If you think it stops at AQ, you’re in for a surprise, for when you get to Grade 11 Life Orientation you are introduced to BQ and MQ. For now let’s just stick with AQ – this is basically the measure of how resilient you are when faced with numerous problems, despite the severity.

In saying this, I would like to pose this question for you to ponder over, please just not in any of your lessons:

What is the purpose of High School?

I’ll say this much, it’s ironic in the sense that it has nothing to do with High School.

My final message that I wish to share with you is embedded in this quote, that I’m sure the Grade 10s, 11s and the leadership team are sick of me saying: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

A little too figurative? Let me simplify it for you – the English department will be proud of me. Life isn’t about waiting for your high school career to pass, it’s about seizing every moment, every opportunity, while remaining resilient in times of setbacks and dilemmas.

Here’s to St Dunstan’s College of 2022 – let’s make it a memorable one.