College Academics

To Inspire So That All Flourish


College Academics

The College prides itself not only on a 100% pass rate since its inception in 1995, but the outstanding results attained at tertiary level.  This is attributed to the school’s philosophy that academic excellence is about much more than merely obtaining excellent grades.

It is about preparing students for an academic future that offers each student a plethora of choices wherever in the world their future takes them.


College Academic Report 2023

The strategic planning day held in the first term identified a number of academic imperatives. Focus areas moving forward will include personalised education that integrates technologies and 21st century skills, strengthening the academic support programme and providing extension beyond the curriculum.

Workshops on Artificial InteIligence (AI) have been held with staff this year and a balanced approach has been taken to embrace the usefulness of AI but to be cautious that students do not lose their ‘authentic voice’. The staff are committed to provide quality face-to-face teaching, and to support this with relevant and up-to-date technology.

Information Technology will be introduced as a subject in Grade10 in 2024, and Robotics and Coding will be included in the Grade 8 and 9 curricula.  

  • The following students received Honours and Full Colours for Academics.


Ashlee Austin, Hamza Baruffwala, Mariam Baruffwala, Samantha Croker, Cian Dadoo, Jennifer Hintze, Aidan Jacobs, Karli Janeke, James Keet, Isabella Martins, Shivani Padayachee, Jeong Eun Park, Charnelle Pretorius, Kelly Richter, Kayleigh Rigele

Full Colours:

Caitlyn Beharie, Liam Bergh, Natanya Brown, Gianni Burelli, Kira Caldwell, Warwick Clarkson, Jennifer Coetzee, Jessica Costa, Hannah de Atouguia, Ashleigh de Decker, Courtney Gelderblom, Alexia Harrington, Max Lichtblau, Leretang Marule, Gabriel Moustakis, Connor Morgan, Marie Naude, Katiana de Abreu Neves, Ofentse Ndala, Zizikazi Nduna, Anele Ndziba, Joel Pitout, Isa Bella Pretorius, Talisa Rademeyer, Joshua Rossmann, Thomas Rossmann, Emma Smit, Lauren Titterton, Margaretha van den Heever, Chloe Vermeulen

The Student Academic Committee, under the excellent leadership of Shivani Padayachee, has implemented the following initiatives this year:

  • Monthly Academic informational pdfs.
  • Question and answer session with the Grade 9s regarding subject choice. 
  • Organisation of an exam advice seminar with the LO department.
  • Inter-House general knowledge quiz together with the Leadership committee.
  • Book drive for The Almond Tree in conjunction with the Service committee. 


Grade 12 Subject Awards

  • Karli Janeke – Afrikaans, Life Orientation, Life Sciences (shared), Mathematics, Music, Physical Sciences  
  • Mariam Baruffwala – English, Further Studies English
  • Shene Nchabeleng – IsiZulu (shared)
  • Anele Ndziba – Isizulu (shared)
  • Jeong Eun park – Life Sciences (shared)
  • Shivani Padayachee – Life Sciences (shared)
  • Hamza Baruffwala – Geography
  • Tamsyn Smith – Accounting
  • Aiden Jacobs – Business Studies, Further Studies Mathematics
  • Lauren Titterton – History
  • Talisa Rademeyer – Consumer Studies
  • Emma Smit – Visual Arts
  • Charnelle Pretorius – Dramatic Arts
  • Alberto Vasconcelos – Mathematical Literacy

Special Awards

  • Servant Leader of the Year: Mariam Baruffwala and Leretang Marule
  • The Senior Girls Sports All-rounder Award: Tamsyn Smith
  • The Senior Boys Sports All-rounder Award: Jared Chaplin and Luzuko Mpekwana
  • The Cultural Award: Karli Janeke
  • The Dunstonian Award: Erin Thompson
  • The Rotary Award: Tamsyn Smith
  • The Lions Award: Leretang Marule
  • The Endeavour Award: Courtney Pienaar
  • The Bishop’s Award: Kevin Wu