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Mr Michael McConnachie

“A truly great education is about much more than just great grades”

At St Dunstan’s College, we recognize the empowering impact that good grades can have on the life of a young adult. As such, we emphasize the importance of the development of curiosity and tenacity, while also stressing the value of hard work.

We are mindful, too, that a truly great education is about much more than just academic pursuits. A truly great education is one that is rigorous and empowering, blending factors that are both immeasurable and values-based. School should be a transformative experience, developing fully each pupil’s individual strengths. We provide opportunities that stimulate their intellectual, artistic, sporting, musical, spiritual, and social talents whilst also ensuring that each grows to understand the importance of care and service to others. These holistic factors contribute to them achieving the highest rewards in life.

We do not believe that it is enough for a child just to concentrate on their own strengths and building their own career. In keeping with the school motto “I Serve”, we believe that every child should be fully engaged in our community, in service to others. Seeking active partnerships with our neighbours, we forge mutually beneficial relationships with state schools and the local community. The St Dunstan’s College partnership with Unity Secondary school is an example of this outreach. Proudly, this nationally acclaimed partnership has grown to success with care given to promote meaningful engagements between pupils, staff, and governance levels, and our Educational Support Centre.

Our commitment to developing Christian awareness and depth in each child in our community lies at the very core of the school.

Education creates knowledge, and knowledge is empowering, but through our rich and varied values-based curriculum we are able to pursue wisdom of lasting value.

Warmly, you are welcomed to our school to experience with us the important journey we share with our students each day. Prospective parent may contact Joy Cousins who will gladly assist you with scheduling. She can be contacted on 011 749 1914 or