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We at the Dunstonian Aftercare and Homework Centre create a caring environment of friendliness and warmth, a second home where children feel welcome and safe.

We encourage the children to participate in extra-murals where they have excellent opportunities in the variety presented in the afternoons.

As a concerned parent myself, I know how important it is to have a safe environment for our children and I therefore assure you that we will do everything in our power to keep the children safe from any harm or danger.

We feel that the children should have a good lunch as many parents find it difficult to prepare a meal when coming home late from work and still have to see to the family’s needs.

The children’s homework is controlled and supervised to the best of our ability, as there is compulsory homework time for all the children.

For the Pre-School pupils attending, we have educational toys, age-appropriate books and access to modern playground equipment. Under supervision from the staff they can play, crawl, climb, build, ride scooters and play in the shaded sandpit area.

We will contact the parents immediately should the child need urgent medical attention and we will report daily on any illness or ailment the children might have experienced.

We would appreciate it if the parents could advise us should children have any specific medical conditions so that we can attend to and assist the child. Please make sure that the aftercare has the necessary medication needed for special conditions eg. Celestamine for allergic bee-sting reactions etc.

Mrs Joanne Steyn – Aftercare Co-Ordinator

PLEASE NOTE: The Aftercare is open during the school holidays except for a two-week period over Christmas and New Year.

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